The Actors Agents Association of New Zealand is an Incorporated Society working for the benefit of all New Zealand Actors and Agents.

 After many years operating as two separate entities, the New Zealand Actors Agents Guild (NZAAG) and the Actors Agents Association (AAANZ) amalgamated in November 2012 under the banner of the larger group, AAANZ.

Although the two groups had worked together for several years on a number of issues, this official amalgamation will enable agents to work more efficiently with other industry entities and guilds as well as providing the public with one point of contact.

Its primary objectives are to:


(a) Provide a single point of contact for agents and actors.

(b) Provide a defined forum for agents to work with the industry at large for the benefit of actors and the good of the industry.

(c) Provide a forum for agents to work with each other for the good of their profession.

(d) Promote and maintain professional standards among actors agents in New Zealand.

(d) Provide a forum for resolution of issues between actors, agents, and the industry as a whole.

(e) Make regulations to advance the attainment of any of the above objects.

(f) Do any act or thing incidental or conducive to the attainment of any of the above objects.

Its founding members are Auckland Actors, Johnson Laird Management, Karen Kay Management and Kathryn Rawlings & Associates.

Full Membership is open to any person who carries on business as an actors agent in New Zealand and who represents 10 or more actors.

Associate Membership is open to any person who does not meet the requirements for full membership, but who wishes to be associated with the Society.

The Association may be contacted by email at or by post at P O Box 78131 Grey Lynn, Auckland 1245, New Zealand.