The Actors Agents Association of New Zealand is an Incorporated Society working for the benefit of all New Zealand Actors and Agents.

Its primary objectives are to:

(a) Provide a single point of contact for agents and actors.

(b) Provide a defined forum for agents to work with the industry at large for the benefit of actors and the good of the industry.

(c) Provide a forum for agents to work with each other for the good of their profession.

(d) Promote and maintain professional standards among actors agents in New Zealand.

(d) Provide a forum for resolution of issues between actors, agents, and the industry as a whole.

(e) Make regulations to advance the attainment of any of the above objects.

(f) Do any act or thing incidental or conducive to the attainment of any of the above objects.

Full Membership is open to any entity who carries on business as an actors agent in New Zealand and who fits the criteria laid out in the AAANZ Rules

Associate Membership is open to any entity who does not meet the requirements for full membership, but who wishes to be associated with the Society, and who fits the criteria laid out in the AAANZ Rules.

The Association may be contacted by email at or by post at P O Box 78131 Grey Lynn, Auckland 1245, New Zealand.

Code of Conduct – How we treat our clients and each other with respect

1) Fees – All fees charged to clients must be disclosed. This means all charges are to be separately itemized to ensure to ensure clarity for the client. All vested interests in any recommended service providers such as classes, workshops, photographers & internet sites must also be disclosed to the client.

2) Commission – It is recommended that no greater than 20% be charged on client fees. Commission is exclusive of booking fees.

3) Confidentiality – All communications and meeting discussions between members, both full and associate and their staff are private and confidential.

4) A member will endeavour to ensure that the following does not occur in their business
(a) misappropriation of funds
(b) proven record of continuous very late payment to clients
(c) insolvency

5) Clients – An agent will not approach or solicit any client represented by another agent, either directly or indirectly or through a third party, with the intent of persuading the client to join their agency

6) Professional Behaviour – It is unethical to make negative or disparaging comments about other member agents to casting directors, clients, production persons or the media

Split Representation Recommendations

No Agency is to represent a talent that already has representation in an identical market.

In cases where a client has or intends to have representation in a distinctly non-conflicting market, the client is obliged to make that known to both Agencies and it is for all parties to be satisfied that no conflict of interest exists.

Where this is in question, the Agencies are to have a written agreement clearly defining the areas and boundaries of representation that fall within their management of the client’s professional career. Signed by all parties and be legally binding.

It is also agreed that ongoing communication is mandatory with the onus being on the client to liaise directly with their representation to keep them informed of any potential or confirmed assignments.

Where an Agency considers that there has been a breach of such Agreement, all parties, in the first instance, will make best endeavours to resolve the matter within seven working days. If resolution is not reached in that time, then referral to the AAANZ is advised before any party takes further action.

Where a Client changes their representation to a new Agent during the course of an existing performance contract, the original Agent is entitled to their full commission for the life of the contract and any renewals included in that contract.

The Client is free to also pay additional commission to the new Agent should both parties agree that this is needed.

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