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It’s not surprising to hear that AFK director Peter Haynes was once addicted to gaming.

“I used to be pretty hardcore into a game called World of Warcraft,” Haynes relates. “I was pretty addicted to it, it was pretty addictive as a game, so I can relate to one of the characters who’s going through that as well, and I think a lot of the viewers will also be able to relate to it.”

AFK, an abbreviation of Away From Keyboard, is a webseries sparked by Haynes’ own obsession with online gaming and delves into the rarely-explored world of the gamer.

Haynes realised the disconnect between the fantastic online world and reality and wondered how a gamer would actually survive if thrown into the artificially-created world which consumed so much of their time.

“What always struck me as odd, was how you can be involved in this world for so much of your day and so much of your life, doing all of these skills, like leather crafting and blacksmithing and sword fighting and archery, all of these things, yet if you were actually dropped into this environment for real, you’d probably flounder, possibly even die,” he says. “You don’t have any of those skills practically, only virtually. It struck me as an interesting sort of parallel between that and the real world, the ‘how would you survive in your favourite game’ kind of question.”

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