Taken from NZ Herald, by Chris Schulz.

Antony Starr has been bruised, battered and bludgeoned. As Banshee‘s anti-hero Lucas Hood, he’s been tortured, beaten to a bloody pulp, kidnapped from a kidnapping, and watched on as his girlfriend’s neck was snapped.

In one grisly but defining scene, he took on a giant nude albino in prison, armed only with a razor blade, and won.

Starr has taken plenty of knocks over three seasons of Banshee, one of television’s most brutal shows, which thinks nothing of ending a grisly fight with a head being removed from a body, spinal cord still twitching.

He’s needed stitches and surgery after the more extreme stuff that’s given the cult show a rabid fan base in America, where it airs on Cinemax, and here at home on SoHo.

But no more. For the show’s fourth and final series, Starr is taking a step back from the brawling to enjoy a season he says is much “tamer”.

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