Taken from Deadline, by Dominic Patten.

It has become a constant complaint in some circles that reliance on big-screen and small-screen reboots and revivals is strangling originality. Well, trick and treat — Ash vs. Evil Dead is going to partially kill that idea.

Debuting on Halloween, the Starz series based on the Evil Dead movie franchise is, as my video review above says, a blood-drenched relentless romp of horror that makes for a very fun ride on a Saturday night. With his trademark chainsaw, the jaw that will never die known as Bruce Campbell is back in the Ash Williams role he birthed in the first Evil Dead pic back in 1981, and Spider-Man director Sam Raimi is back as an EP here and helming the pilot of the 10-episode series.

With a behind-the-camera team of ED alum Robert Tapert as EP, Ivan Raimi as co-EP and new addition Craig DiGregorio as showrunner, plus Ray Santiago and Dana DeLorenzo as Campbell’s onscreen sidekicks, Ash vs. Evil Dead is a bloodier and funnier than the movies – and I’m a big fan of the movies.

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