Taken from The West Australian, by Vanessa Williams.


Alf Stewart’s estranged son Duncan hasn’t been seen in Summer Bay for more than a decade but the former delinquent teen is set to make an unexpected return to the popular soap this week.

Following Alf’s (Ray Meagher) hospitalisation after he suffered a heart attack, Duncan learns from his sister Roo (Georgie Parker) that he has been cut out of his father’s will.

Deciding it is time to pay his family a visit, Duncan returns to the Bay but is met with hostility by Alf, who is not thrilled by his son’s sudden arrival.

“He is coming home because his father is unwell,” says New Zealand-born actor Benedict Wall, who plays Duncan.

“But that in itself has got some challenges because I think he still has quite a lot of resentment towards Alf from when he was a kid and, at the same time, Alf doesn’t trust him and never really has.”


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